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It's time human services jobs were made for the human, not the service.

At Ally, we're not corporate owned and have no shareholders to impress. There are no fat cats, or wigs that are big. We're a human services agency run by human services providers and we believe jobs should change to accommodate people, not the other way around.

Our agency is different and our services are unique because of our values as an employer. While Ally offers amazing opportunities, we'd like to quickly highlight what we WON'T offer you. Let's review:

At Ally Behavioral Health, we WON'T offer you:

  • $100k+ to start, a hefty sign on bonus, and keys to the executive washroom. Read that fine print, as this is easy for an agency to offer when you are billing 40+hrs a week, and working about 60+hrs a week total. While this may work well for some, turnover in human services due to burn out is all too real. Do you really want to work 60hrs a week? We don't.
  • We don't do harsh productivity measures and standards. Sorry. We have families, and our clients do as well. We understand cancellations happen and are often outside of our control and we offer supports and alternatives to work with reasonable expectations for productivity.
  • A stale 9-5 work environment. Let's face it, these days are over. While it may work for some, most need some more flexibility to meet personal obligations.
  • A toxic work environment. If you are reading this, you could very well be looking to exit one of these. At Ally, we embrace a mutual learning environment as a team. Employee wellness is our #1 priority.  We believe competent and motivated employees will offer excellent care.
  • Limitations with technology. We love technology and everything to make our jobs, and lives, easier. Our systems are state of the art and are always driving to maximize efficiency with working in and out of office.
  • A boring office job. We've excelled at being remote and offer our employees the same flexibility with virtual meetings, check-ins, and virtual platforms as a supplement for treatment.

All Ally Behavioral Health, we WILL and DO offer:

  • A competitive salary that aligns with a provider's education and experience.
  • Positions that are built from the ground up to best accommodate employee needs
  • Reasonable caseloads for employees that allow opportunities for time off and self-opportunities.
  • CEU assistance and training opportunities
  • Clinical supervision for all employees
  • Strong emphasis on employee wellness and self-care
  • Mental Health wrap around supports for your clients (with licensed counselors and board certified behavior analysts)
  • Bonus opportunities that are performance (NOT productivity) driven
  • Opportunities for advancement. We're a new and growing company!
  • Opportunities to participation/present in state and national conferences
  • New and exciting research opportunities. We love that.
  • Technology stipends

Are the positions part-time or full-time position? The answer is.... YES!

New employees are allow to "build a job" within Ally. What are you looking for in your new position? Higher pay, more vacation time, better benefits? There are many options available, to include:

  • Consulting options (offer highest rates of pay hourly, with no traditional benefits attached). This option is only available to independently licensed providers.
  • Need more/less vacation time or sick time? Want a higher rate per hour? Need benefits? These are all flexible to best meet YOUR needs as an employee.
  • Full time with options. Multiple salaried positions starting at just 10hrs/week with reasonable and realistic expectations of productivity. Full benefits available (health/dental/401k) and some benefits are adjustable to meet YOUR needs as an employee (i.e. vacation time, etc).

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in joining our team, or would like to learn more about our practice.

Available Positions 

In Home Behavioral Services

Ally is actively recruiting bachelors and masters level clinicians to offer in home behavioral services.  Positions available include consultants, per-diem staff, as well as part-time and full-time salaried positions.  Comprehensive benefits packages available. 

ABA Services 

Ally is actively recruiting paraprofessional and board certified/licensed behavior analysts to offer in home ABA services.  Positions available include consultants, per diem staff, as well as part-time and full-time salaried positions.  Comprehensive benefits packages available. 

Outpatient Services

Ally is actively recruiting licensed counselors to offer outpatient services both in person and remotely via telehealth.  Ally is currently seeking qualified clinicians to work as consultants at our practice.

No need for formalities.  If you are interested, let's start with a discussion to see if Ally can meet your needs as an employer
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