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Founded in 2018, Ally Behavioral Health has offered counseling and support to individuals, couples, and many families.  At Ally, our goal is to shatter the stigmas and harmful social perceptions attached with seeking therapy.  We love therapy and our efforts to advocate mental health awareness and wellness go beyond our office walls with community support offerings and educational opportunities for education and human service providers.  

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Gregory Todisco, LMHC, BCBA
Executive Director

Gregory has worked in the human services field for nearly 20 years with children and families in residential, community and rehabilitative settings.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Suffolk University and Masters' Degrees from Cambridge College in counseling psychology and advanced counseling studies.  Gregory also studied applied behavior analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology. Gregory is a licensed mental health counselor and board certified applied behavior analyst, specializing in pediatric behavioral health and family wellness.   In 2018, Gregory founded Ally Behavioral Health as an outpatient provider and expanded services to include community based care in 2021.  






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Brendyl Christison, M.A
Behavioral Therapist
Licensed School Psychologist


Brendyl educational background is in Psychology (BA) and Educational Counseling (MA). She has worked in several states including Rhode Island, California and Massachusetts. Brendyl originally began as a family specialist assisting families navigate state agencies and collaborate amongst providers. She went on to advance to a managerial position as a behavior and autism specialist.  While in California, Brendyl worked as a social worker with children enrolled in early intervention. Most recently, she has worked in several school districts in various clinical and administrative roles. She currently serves as a behavioral therapist with Ally Behavioral Health, is a CPCS social worker for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is the school psychologist and behaviorist in the Nahant Public School District. 

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Hayley Mulford, M.S., BCBA, LABA
In Home Behavioral Therapist
Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Hayley is a behavior therapist for IHBS at Ally. Hayley graduated with a B.S. in psychology from Roanoke College in Virginia and a M.S. in applied behavior analysis from Florida State University (FSU). During her time at FSU, Hayley worked with children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities. However, Hayley predominantly worked with foster parents and children in the foster system, as well as families engaged in social services through the State of Florida. Hayley provided the families and children with behavioral services in the school, home, daycare, visitation, and community setting. These experiences focused on utilizing behavior management strategies through applied behavior analysis techniques in a collaborative effort. This included working with parents, teachers, children, grandparents, and other caregivers to reduce challenging behaviors by teaching helpful and appropriate behaviors to improve the lives of the child and all those around them. In her free time, Hayley enjoys reading, running, and traveling.

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Emily Harn, M.S., BCBA, LABA
In Home Behavioral Therapist
Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Emily graduated from the University of Kansas with a double major; Human Biology and Applied Behavior Analysis, and a minor in Speech Language and Hearing. She moved up to MA in 2014 where she got her masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western New England University. Emily has been practicing ABA since 2012 and earned her BCBA in 2019. Emily primarily works with young school age kids and working on communication skill, play skills, and self-help skills. She love going on hikes all around the area and will do any activity as long as she can bring her dog, Pepper, along for the fun.

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